Gauntlet Talk: TTRPG Hacks and Getting Games to the Table (8/13)

This session is a seminar to talk about TTRPG hacks: kinds, how to approach them, best practices, advice for creating new games and so on. I will be leading the discussion, but I may also rope in one or two folks to help with the talk.

This session will be up to 90 minutes, with the back half being left to questions and discuss ideas. Anyone’s welcome to join the seminar. I will post a brief outline of possible topics before the session. If you have hacks you’re working on or thinking about we’d love to have your input.

This session will be recorded, with a plan to convert it to audio to use for The Gauntlet Podcast. Participants may choose to leave their camera off and stayed muted—questions/responses can be done via chat.

This seminar will follow the Community Code of Conduct. If you have questions (or if you want to participate as a speaker) you can message me.
The Zoom link is here:
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Topic: Gauntlet Talk: TTRPG Hacks and Getting Games to the Table
Time: Aug 13, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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