GCC Meeting Minutes 4/27

Gauntlet Community Care Meeting from 4/27 (sorry about the lateness of posting)
Community Status

  • Costs and labor: Volunteer labor. Gauntlet costs primarily the cost of supporting the Firebase instance. Lowell privately purchased logo, gift certificates for Jim’s store, and some reward incidentals.
  • Results: Rob stepped up for the help desk
  • Response was very good, including numbers: Of 47 responses, half had not played with us before. Another 20% had been playing with us less than a year. About 11% had never played online before, and 40% had only played a few times
  • Tech issues: Launch date issues will not be a problem going forward now that we know how that the system functions. Day of sign up errors came from an oversight on Lowell’s part—again now that we know how that works it won’t be an issue going forward. Registration approvals for new sign-ups still require manual intervention. Currently the solution to this is stop-gap. We need to format positioning to let people know that they won’t be able to register for sessions on sign-up.
  • Going Forward: July dates to establish this as quarterly. Specifically in the third week, to avoid the 4th July and any DexCon online events. GauntletCon would be three months later. Lowell is working on a blog post and public feedback report. That means the next GCOG is from July 16 to July 19.


  • Volunteers: Another round of asking for volunteers. Some great responses to first round. For next round, we will also post to the forums. Concern that the current pandemic will impact overall interest or bandwidth for viable converts.
  • We are listing tasks which we had done in the past or should still do. New GCC membership
  • Get additional Gauntlet Forum moderators. Turn over portions of the mod team to avoid burnout. Will check in a couple weeks on progress.
  • Revision to Code of Conduct: Revision had a good response. If additional feedback comes up, we can continue to pivot.
  • The Trophy logo as the Gauntlet logo on the FB page should be replaced
  • How to bring people we played with on the Slack/ Considering how to open up the slack in general. Initial invitations for GCOG players. Preparation of a statement of intent for opening slack in a more relaxed manner, and receiving feedback from the community. Course for opening up after community feedback. Slack is for play on Gauntlet, Forums for broader questions.

Gaming / Calendar Tools

  • Calendar Issues: Concerns raised by visitors to GCOG that they don’t want to grant access to their Google Calendars. There is a software bug keeping people from using the calendar if they rejected access and then log out. More generally, people should be made aware that they can fully use the system without granting access.
  • Roll for Your Party performance issues: Working on getting previous version of software being implemented on a new instance
  • The Discord’s status: It will stay for the time being, but we will restrict most channels until the next GCOG. Mathias will check in from time to time to make sure that nothing is on fire.

Not gotten to:

  • Developing Gauntlet Gameway
  • Other ways to support isolated members
  • Gauntlet Facilitator Camp

Thanks for sharing this and your transparency.