GCOG - Heart: Ghost Town


Sibilant’s Hush, a prosperous crossroads town, vanished a week ago. Even more troubling, the loss of the town also meant the loss of a landmark and the many connections from it to the other towns; a vital link was lost in the tenuous web that keeps the city beneath alive. You’ve been hired by an unscrupulous, self-styled merchant prince to hunt it down and bring it back at any cost - a dead town is still a useful landmark and the prince is bleeding silver.

Content warnings: Violence, drug use, addiction, ghosts, unwanted bodily transformation and monsters that used to be people
System: Heart: the City Beneath
Duration: Three, three hour sessions
Breaks: Two hourly breaks per session (~10 minutes each)
Venue: Zoom
Recording: Yes, with the consent of all players each session
Attendance: RSVPing to this session will automatically RSVP you for sessions two and three. You only need to RSVP to this session to attend all three session.
Safety: Lines & Veils and X-card. This series adheres to the Community Code of Conduct and has an open door policy.

2021-06-24T23:00:00Z: https://gauntlet-con.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZdVnqoGmps4QtroWoh
2021-06-25T23:00:00Z: https://gauntlet-con.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZdW9nR487lZ0-ZNezx
2021-06-26T23:00:00Z: https://gauntlet-con.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZdWHMSFviij_4ri5Hv
A seat is being held for Fraser Simons.

I’ll email players a week before the first session. Players are expected to fully create characters before the first session.

First game I’ve ever managed to snag a spot in on the Gauntlet. :slight_smile: I’ve looked through Heart (and Spire) mostly because I loved the artwork, but I’ll read up on it.

Gauntlet Community Open Gaming is a great time to jump in :slight_smile: Don’t be afraid to waitlist, though! More often than not you’ll get into a session or the whole series, even if you’re fifth on the list!

Cancelled my RSVP due to other obligations changing days :frowning_face:
I hope to join y’all another time.