GCOG Thanks and Looking Forward

I want to thank everyone who played, ran games, helped to manage, and even just stopped by Gauntlet Community Online Gaming this weekend. The event overall ran smoothly-- thanks to @flatvurm for stepping up and managing the Helpdesk. This all came from the community-- folks who asked what we could do to help showcase online gaming for new people.

We’re still looking at feedback, but at a glance we had a significant number of folks new to online gaming and a bunch who hadn’t played with the Gauntlet. Nearly all the sessions went off without a hitch and where we had technical issues, those got sorted out quickly. I’m blown away by how the community came together to put on this event in such a short time.

We’ve had a few people reach out to ask about how to manage their own online convention. I’m going to write up an overview for the blog-- talking about how we managed some things and lessons learned. I’ve had some good suggestions about managing pre-con information, using Discord in paralellel, and communicating with waitlist folks.

We’re going to be looking at the possibility of doing this again-- a solid but manageable event focused on new players. We’ll be posting sessions videos on Twitter throughout the week.