Generic version of Dogs in the Vineyard system


I haven’t checked this out yet, but KN Obaugh released a Dogs (“the Dice pool and mOral predicament based Generic roleplaying System”), which is a generic version of the Dogs in the Vineyard system blessed by Vincent Baker.

It’s on Drivethru.


I’m very interested in this. I came across a reddit thread ( with the writer discussing the game. Definitely worth a look.


On a personal level this always depresses me, because I love games that are rooted in some real experience, want to say something, and have a point of view. Stripping the stuff that makes Dogs in the Vineyard unique and fascinating just seems tone-deaf and sad, like the guy who wrote me all excited about using the Night Witches rules to play a U-Boat crew.


Maybe I’m petty, but I can’t get past the acronym


I’m kinda with @Jmstar here. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but what I love about a lot of Indie games is the way the setting and the system are intimately connected in a way which produces a unique experience. I’m not a huge fan of generic systems in general because I think that systems deeply rooted in the setting produce an experience which is more specific and more interesting.


I’d be interested to know how it handles the situational aspects of the game. Having tried a setting change with Dogs myself, I found the game was surprisingly (to me) sensitive, with what seemed like fairly minor changes turning out to stop the game working as intended.


Thank you for pointing this out!

In the original text, Vincent Baker suggested ways to reskin the Faith in the game, including playing as Dominican “Dogs of the Lord” searching for heresy in 13th century Europe. So a genericized system that enables that gameplay seems in keeping with what Baker laid out in those design notes. And I think someone passionate about, say, medieval European religious history can now adapt Dogs mechanics to run a series that has its own uniqueness, fascination, and point of view.


Sure, but that’s not changing the theme, it’s changing the setting, right? I’m currently playing Apocalypse World set in an Expanse-like future, which is a different setting, but we didn’t touch the rules. It’s still a game about scarcity and tribalism and the repercussions of collapse and the moral limits of human turpitude.