GFC-Chupacabra One Shot-- The Deep Forest-- (June 19)

This event is part of Gauntlet Facilitator Camp Chupacabra. Participation is reserved for folks involved with that camp. The event is being posted here for practice with the interface.

Grigg the troll has been working all week demolishing the last of the farmhouses and barns. The Chalkbottoms-- that family of goblins down by the creek-- have all taken ill with peculiar symptoms; the Tree Sprites are in some kind of feud with the Swamp Thing, and you keep forgetting to prepare comments for this Saturday’s community discussion. There is no shortage of work to be done. And any day the humans may come back with blades and fire.

This is a one-shot session of The Deep Forest created by Mark Diaz Truman and Avery Alder of Buried Without Ceremony. This session is for four players including the facilitator and is scheduled for four hours starting 2021-06-20T00:00:00Z

The Deep Forest is a map-drawing game in which participants generate a diverse community of monsters and explore a year in their lives as they work to reclaim their ancestral territory from the remnants of a recently-driven-off human occupation. Players take on the roles of different monsters in the community as well as the dispassionate fates that drop dilemmas and difficulties into the lives of those monsters.

This event will be held on the host’s Zoom and make use of Roll20. Links to both will be sent out the day of the event.

Recording will be taken with all participants’ consent.

This game operates in accordance with the Gauntlet Code of Conduct and will make use of the X-card, Lines and Veils, Script Change, and open table safety tools.

–Be forewarned: this game deals with colonization and the recovery therefrom. It also contains brief talk of death, birth, disease, murder, and monster romantic partnering.–

A confirmation email will be sent out about a week before with links to game materials, but no preparation or prior experience is necessary; rules will be taught before/during play.

All Access starts June 10-- but again: GFC-Chupacabra.

System: The Deep Forest
Schedule: Saturday 2021-06-20T00:00:00Z for four hours
Venue: Zoom & Roll20
Breaks: at least two
Attendance: reserved for GFC Chupacabra
Safety: X-Card; Lines and Veils; Script Change, Open Table