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PLEASE NOTE: an RSVP to this session constitutes an RSVP to the other three sessions running as part of Game Facilitator Camp Froghemoth in the same timeslot the following three weeks (AEST Friday July 15, Friday July 22, and Friday July 29).

If you will not be able to attend all 4 sessions it would be best to wait and attend a Game Facilitator Camp when your schedule is more open.

Hello there! I’m Shane (she/her), and I facilitate games as part of the Gauntlet Calendar … and I want you to, too!

In July, I will be coaching 4 sessions of Game Facilitator Camp (GFC): one part support group, one part crash course on facilitating TTRPGs online.

During GFC I will help new GMs run a one-shot of a game of their choosing for the Gauntlet.

In this initial session I will walk you through the steps of starting a video call, creating events on Firebase, and sharing your events through the official channels. I will demonstrate how to use resources like Roll With Me and the Play Aids folder. We will also go over the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct and safety tools which are the foundation of the play culture that makes The Gauntlet such a special place to play.

After this initial session, you will each facilitate a one-shot session at the same time as this event on a Friday (or probably Thursday depending on your timezone) in July.

I will attend each of these sessions, along with your fellow Froghemoths. Each session will be 4 hours long; aim for up to 3.5 hours of gameplay and 30 mins of debrief and feedback. (Shorter games are welcome, too.)

Obviously, it is mandatory for you to attend your own session, and you owe it to the other Froghemoths to attend theirs, too. This promotes the teamwork and community that is so important to The Gauntlet.

If you will not be able to attend all the other participant’s sessions it may be best to wait and attend GFC when your schedule is more open.

When choosing what to run for your session, pick a game that:

  • you feel comfortable with,
  • you find personally exciting, and
  • that can support a number of players equal to the other 2 participants plus me—it can even be a GM-less game, if that floats your boat … but you’ll be the person taking the lead and teaching the game.

I’ll be there to work with you in the week before the session and during the session to make sure you have everything you need to facilitate the game online.

I’m really looking forward to playing in a game with you!

Open access time for sign ups will be 10am 31st May AEST.

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