GMing for Gauntlet: November Opens

Since it’s now September, you may now post Gauntlet Calendar events for November. We still have room in October, so check the calendar for good spots. You can post as little as a week out now, but remember that shorter windows may require some hustle to fill.

IMPORTANT: Gauntlet Con will be happening October 15th-18th. You can still run regular sessions that weekend, but you may want to consider your schedule. Events can be posted there and we’d love for folks to offer sessions

Reminders for posting events:

  • Post your events first to the Gauntlet Forums the Gauntlet Hangouts category. There’s a template which appears when you make an entry there-- use that to help you format your posting… We have members who don’t participate in the Slack who have RSVP access. It’s important to have events there in public for those interested in playing but who don’t back the Patreon. Once you’ve posted on the Gauntlet Forums, you may also post on Slack in #gauntlet_calendar_events
  • If you post your event on Slack and your event description is particularly long, post the first couple of paragraphs and thread the rest. That makes the channel easier to browse.
  • GMs it is legit to mark the first 48 or 72 hours of access as restricted to a particular group who might otherwise not get access: new Gauntleteers, people you haven’t run for yet, members of a marginalized community. If you do so, make sure you put that at the top of your event description on the calendar and when you post it on the Forums.
  • If you’re wondering what to run, check out #gamerequests for suggestions. On the flip side, if you’re a player looking for a particular game or even particular time, post there. GMs if you have someone make a request, feel free to save them a seat. Just post the session with one fewer players.

@RoggenRoll (he/him) has put together this info plus a draft template for posting events.
We’re working on revising the GM guidelines document, but here are the basics for posting events.


  • Title, description, game system, set up information, # of players, time, RSVP open access time.
  • If there are any special requirements for sign up or play, put that ahead of your event description. For example if the game’s restricted to Gauntlet members who joined this year for the first 72 hours.
  • Say what meeting software you plan to use (Zoom, jitsi). If you plan to record your session say so; note you should still ask the group if it’s OK to post the video at the end of a session.
  • Link to the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct. All games should follow this. Mention which safety tools you plan to use. A single tool (like the X-Card) is acceptable, but a layered approach (CATS, tone discussion, Lines & Veils, X-Card) is better.
  • Currently games can be posted up to two months out and as little as one week out. Patreon members have RSVP Priority for the first 72 hours. Mention in your event description when general sign-up opens.
  • If you game has triggering material, include a content warning. Some of that may be clear from the game or description, but better safe than sorry.


  • Mention when you’ll be sending out your group email or contact to the players. PLEASE send this about a week out, to remind folks of the session. Since we don’t have auto-reminders, its the best way to confirm attendance and fill from the waitlist.
  • It’s good, but not required to put the game system in your title. If you’re running a series, saying session X of Y helps potential players.
  • Aim for short descriptions—get the essentials across. All Gauntlet games are Open table, but you may say something like “Attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged” to indicate a game where a changing cast is more difficult. Use that sparingly.
  • Games series should avoid starting in mid-month and hanging into the next. For example starting the second week of June and ending mid-July. If you have to, due to schedules or something else, make it clear in the first paragraph of the event description.
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