Good place to host/share play reports of PBTA games?

It seems like it’s easy to find actual play YouTube and podcasts, but I’m curious if there are communities where people share written versions of sessions. I am thinking of doing a solo HoW writing project, and was curious what a good community might be to host and share it etc.


There are regularly some AP + discussion threads about certain modules, games or hacks here at RPG Chat. Plus HoW discussions are obviously welcome. Other than that ? ?

You can start a thread here in the RPG chat category. We don’t currently have very many AP type posts, but it’s covered by the category, and would love to hear about your game. Even better if it includes some analysis of the session, but not strictly necessary.


I believe you can also submit them to be published on the Gauntlet Blog:


Ah this is neat! I don’t know if an AP is what they are looking for (will definitely blow that 800+ word limit), but still cool to know about, and I think there may be an angle…

I think I will share the rough draft of the AP here first and see what people think :smiley: Hopefully will be done sometime next week…

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You could link write-ups here @chuangdangjianghu.