Good Society (one-shot, September 14)

This is a one-shot for 4 hours : 2022-09-14T23:00:00Z

Good Society by Storybrewers is a dice-less storytelling RPG that aims to capture the feel of a Jane Austen novel and empowers players to collaboratively create their own Regency drama full of witty repartee, longing looks, family obligations, scandal, gossip, all that good stuff. That said, no knowledge of Jane Austen or her works is required! Rules will be taught and beginners are welcome!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 total (one seat is reserved for @Greenbriar)
CONTENT WARNINGS: Romance, family drama, classism, sometimes the patriarchy (we can adjust how much these topics are present in the game through collaboration, but these are present in the inspiration for the game)
SAFETY TOOLS: We’ll be using Lines & Veils, the X-Card, and the Open Door policy. We’ll be taking breaks at the top of every hour (5-10 minutes). We’ll also use the first part of the session to collaborate in more detail about the tone of the game. This game will be run according to the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.
VENUE: Streamyard and Google Sheets. Players should expect an email the week before to confirm attendance, and then an email on the day of the game with the link to the Streamyard.
RECORDING: Only with consent from all the players and then only made public with consent from all the players.

LINK TO SESSION: 2022-09-14T23:00:00Z2022-09-15T03:00:00Z