Great Organization of Information

I’m looking to restructure the content for one of my games now that I’m doing revisions and have been looking at how other game books organize the information. I realize that there are ways you may change this for the game system. I know that layout, graphic design, index, play a part in this. I’m talking information hierarchy and teaching a game based on how the content was organized by topic and subtopics.

So I’m curious to hear opinions from community members about which game text has organized its information well for its users?


I really love Ironsworn (and Starforged) for this. I think the information layout in those are not only incredibly easy to both learn and use as reference, but they’re pretty easy on the eyes, as well.


x2 for Ironsworn. It’s one of the best organized games IMO. by page 20ish it says “go on and play” and you can actually put down the book and play with just that information. You’ll be referencing it constantly, but you will have a grasp on mechanics, on terms, on game phases and every concept. It’s golden

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Thank you for the recommendation. I backed that game and will review the text.

Thank you for the suggestion.