Great RPG Product Names


So few people appreciate that title - but it is an appropriately dying dialect :wink:


My partner’s from West Yorkshire so I couldn’t escape learning about it :sweat_smile:


Here goes…

Category: Funny/Puns

  • Kill Puppies for Satan
  • Renegade Nuns on Wheels
  • Nine Putzes in Akron
  • Something Stinks in Stilton
  • Between a Rock and a Charred Place

Category: Creepy

  • Murderous Ghosts
  • Valley of the Brain Collectors
  • The Skinsaw Murders
  • Seven Days to the Grave
  • Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
  • Death Frost Doom
  • Carolina Death Crawl
  • Exquisite Agony

Category: Evocative

  • Swords Without Master
  • Veins of the Earth
  • Six Seconds to Midnight
  • Rivers Run Red
  • The Divinity Drive
  • In Hell’s Bright Shadow

Category: Weird

  • Radioactive Bison


Riverhouse Games regularly knocks it out of the park with their game titles. In addition to the already-mentioned Let These Mermaids Touch Your Dick Maybe there’s also gems such as:
With Fire Thy Affections Hold a Wing and
These Weird Breads Are Sad

Other faves include:
What Ho, Frog Demons!
Slumbering Ursine Dunes
25% Of The Time, They Work Every Time
The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia


Lonely Timbers might be my favorite RPG title ever, as it’s very poetic and evocative of the underlying issues the game is trying to address.

Other titles that are super evocative of the game:

Fiasco - What else could you possibly call it?
Mutant City Blues - immediately makes me imagine a cool, gritty cop show in a world full of superpowered people… which is exactly what the game is.
Our Last Best Hope - Underwhelming game, but geez, what a good title.
A Green and Narrow Bed - Poetic, archaic and mournful, just like the game itself.
Something is Wrong Here - Paranoid and unnerving about what the underlying reality is, just like the game.
Vermin Gods - A lovely juxtaposition of images, that winds up being the central driver of the game.
A Quiet Place in Hell - How do you find a nice place to live in an afterlife of eternal torment? that question is the driver of the game.


I love We Made Them Look Like Us (a reference to Friends at the Table podcast).