Gumshoe: An Introduction & Overview

Gumshoe: An Introduction & Overview (3/9 2000 US EST)
This is for a 90 minute seminar/talk by Lowell Francis for those interested in the GUMSHOE system-- beginners and veterans welcome. We will cover:

  • The basics of Gumshoe
  • How it serves mystery gaming
  • Managing the Gumshoe economy
  • Planning Gumshoe cases
  • Common sticking points for the rules
  • Creatively managing investigative spends
  • The different flavors of Gumshoe-- from Trail of Cthulhu to Night’s Black Agents to Yellow King

We will aim for a 45-60 minute talk, with the rest of the time given over to discussion and questions. I’ve you’re a Gumshoe vet, we’d welcome your input. I will send out an outline of the talk a little before the session.This session will be recorded so we can keep this as a community resource. Participants are welcome to remain off-camera and microphone. This session is governed by out Community Code of Conduct.

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For anyone happening on this later, the recording is available on YouTube:

Also available are the talk notes.


This recent article by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is a useful complement to that: