Hacking Calamities from Impulse Drive

Has anyone had any use and luck with hacking calamities from the PbtA game, Impulse Drive?

From Impulse Drive…
“Calamity is a list of Fictional events and changes your character experiences as you play,” page 14.

"Stress is marked when a Move or the SM tells you to, or when you choose to convert an amount of Harm to Stress, usually to prevent yourself from dying. When you mark 5 Stress, clear the Stress track and Mark a Calamity. The only ways to recover Stress is when you choose the option to remove Stress on Hey Big Spender, or if you have a scene where you get closer to another Crew Member during Downtime.
"Unlike Harm and Stress, there is no way to remove Calamity. Each check in the Calamity list represents an event that has changed your character of their situation in some fundamental way. Some of these experiences are positive, but eventually your experiences become less pleasant and more harrowing as you run out of options.
"Whether good or bad for your character, make sure the Fiction you tie to their Calamities is interesting. While there are some similar Calamities on all of the Archetype’s Calamity lists, each Archetype has some Calamities specific only to that Archetype.
"There is no way to heal Calamity. Because it is permanent and finite, you only mark something from the list of 10 Calamities on your sheet when you fill the 5 boxes in the Stress track.
"There is an upside to marking Calamity. When you mark one of the 10 options on the Calamity list, you also mark an Advance.
"If a Calamity doesn’t fit into your current situation, either choose another option or cut away to another scene for a few moments to show it happening elsewhere, or show a Scene after this Scene has resolved.
“The final box of Calamity on the list is always a finality, an end for your character,” page 15.

I’m considering hacking Calamities to influence game events for a PbtA game, Feudal Fairy World (think Arthurian mythology and the Warring States in Japan/anime).

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This sounds interesting, @DavidMK . I recommend checking out Marks from Night Witches, which I believe was an inspiration for Calamities.


Excellent suggestion. Thanks, Rich.

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