Hard City: The Brass Key

I have added four sessions of Hard City, a Pulp Noir RPG releasing in December. There are Euro-friendly Tuesday sessions in December. Because this series is being done in part for review purposes, I am planning to record. Attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged. In session one we will create characters, discuss safety & tone, pick and detail characters, build connections, and set up our story arc. The game itself strongly echoes Blades in the Dark with some other mechanics thrown in. General RSVP opens Thursday 11/10.

A roleplaying game of mystery and hardboiled action in a city that never sleeps

In Hard City, character creation is swift and simple, generating competent yet flawed individuals and focusing on what sets them apart as they walk the fine line between right and wrong. Fast action resolution places the emphasis on the momentum of the plot, while the sandbox setting provides evocative hooks for adventures – fight crooks, rescue the innocent, thwart blackmail plots (or start them!), or uncover corruption in the Mayor’s office.

Stalk the mean streets of a world filled with two-bit thugs, hard-nosed gumshoes, intrepid reporters, gangsters, and femme fatales, all doing what they must to survive in the concrete jungle. With trouble around every corner, a secret on every lip, and a gun in every pocket, danger is never far away in the hard city.

Content: Mysteries, Violence, Corruption. We will use safety tools to avoid the most problematic elements of the genre.

We will use Zoom for our sessions. I’ll email all players about a week before the first session with the necessary links. Sessions will run up to three hours. Because this series is being done in part for review purposes, I am planning to record. The Gauntlet Code of Conduct will be in play and we will use Lines & Veils and the X-Card for safety tools.

If you sign up and your availability changes, please remember to drop from the site and give me a heads up.