Has anyone used the crew upgrades from BitD in other games?

I really like the crew advancement in BitD. It makes it feel like you’re working as a crew to build something bigger than you as an individual. It should be easy to port them over to something like Dungeon World but just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions.

Stately Manor with all the amenities- cure debility after one day of rest.
Healer on retainer- way to get healing potions

Then you could upgrade things like if you build a new wing of the temple you now get free blessings every time you’re in town, etc. This also makes money actually have some use.


We used something like this with Marvel Heroic. It doesn’t make a ton of sense genre-wise to spend xp ‘leveling up’, superheroes don’t really go from zero to hero the way F20 PCs do, but per the suggestion in the rules, I wrote up a bunch of ‘unlockables’ that work like you’re saying here. Stuff like ‘Fury Owes You One’ so you could call in SHIELD Backup once when it was needed, ‘Hell’s Kitchen Represent’ to get Matt Murdock to come bail you out from a run-in with the police or the government, ‘New Look’ to get a new costume that you could design yourself and gave a bonus in a particular situation (stealth, armored, etc).


I really like what W. M. Akers did in Comrades, where at the end of each session you roll to advance an aspect of the revolutionary cause. They call this “pathways to the revolution” and there are five aspects: Force, Organization, Zealotry, Mayhem, Fellowship. Each stage of these pathways open up narrative possibilities for your group.


Cool I’ll check it out