Heart: The City Beneath - Wednesdays in December, 8pm Eastern US

About the Game

From the web site:

Heart: The City Beneath is an award-winning complete tabletop roleplaying game about delving into a nightmare undercity that will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – or kill you in the process. It is a dungeon-crawling, story-forward tabletop RPG from the designers of Spire that focuses on what characters have to lose in pursuit of their dreams in the chaotic darkness beneath the world.


  • System : Heart, by Rowan, Rook and Decard
  • Schedule : Five Wednesdays in December
  • Breaks : Two 10-minute breaks
  • Venue : Dan’s Zoom
  • Recording Session : With consent from all players
  • Posting Recording : With consent from all players
  • Attendance : Joining all sessions is ideal but not required
  • Safety : Lines & Veils, X-Card, Open Table, and any others suggested by the players

This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct

Sign Up

Session 1: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Mmu50na8VXItRqEsOBx
Session 2: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Mmu5AGi3uML9ZGdO10o
Session 3: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Mmu5DZkJGAmFRQvzVRg
Session 4: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Mmu5HwqSGJlB1uHXfPF
Session 5: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Mmu5MMmXkgv3we1OS4r