Hearts of Wulin - Coeur de l'Epee

Coeur de l’Epee (Hearts of Wulin setting kickstarter stretch goal setting, by Catherine Evans)
Wednesdays in April at 7pm (GMT)
Bienvenue en France. Ce n’est pas la France … HoW … BUT … with Musketeers and Cardinals and Secrets and Lies!!!
Join us for a Hearts of Wulin variation set in swashbuckling France where you’ll be playing games of social maneuvering, blackmail, scheming, and duelling … and there may be supernatural stuff too …
1 April: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-M-5wCWP3_nz3S34Vzop
8 April: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-M-5xS2N0hEW_WSEU5uK
15 April: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-M-5xgsuixMeLWe79x-R
22 April: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-M-5xrBmwXpQ6rW-j90W
29 April: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-M-5xzdXL6lBo43EHUs4


Approximately 50% of my motivation to back came from this SG!

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Bienvenue en France. Ce n’est pas la France

We meet L’Inferne, the gallivanting glamorous actress and reckless duellist; Nathalie Duchemin, the unassuming heiress but spy for a secret society supporting the Crown; Mateo Betancourt the unworldly new arrival in Paris where he is to learn the art of soldiery from an apparently loyal father he barely knows; and Volo Aventine, the experienced soldier who has earned the ire of the leader of a secret society of unclear loyalties …

Part 1a:

Part 1b:

Hearts of Wulin - Coeur de l’Epee (2/5)
…Bienvenue en France. Ce n’est pas la France. The plots and complications that surround the characters begin to make themselves felt as invitations to the Summer Masque at the Palace of Versailles begin to arrive. There, our Gallivant actress L’Inferne completed a Royal Command Performance…but not quite the one she’d envisaged when her role was given to her rival L’Allouette. Our Spy for the Apostles of the New Dawn, Nathalie, faced a hard choice between love of Simone and duty to ‘Genevieve’ the Order’s mysterious leader…and chose hopeless love. Our Hopeful Apprentice, Mateo, having confronted the Cardinal’s ‘nephew’ in the street must put away childish things and escort his betrothed (Nathalie) in public for the first time. Our brave Swordsman, Volo, set the tongues of his comrades wagging when meeting L’Inferne in public…but while on duty headed off the assassins targeting the King’s Summer Masque. It was a busy evening…

Hearts of Wulin - Coeur de l’Epee (3/5)
After last session’s chaotic interruption to the Summer Ball at Versailles the King’s guests mill around the mirrored ballroom until His Majesty claims the attempt on his life was merely a surprise addition to the entertainments and insists the evening continue. L’Inferne, the glamorous actress causes first a stir and then a sensation when she takes the male part in the play she had been excluded from; Nathalie Duchemin, disguises herself as a soldier in order to support the plot against Volo Aventine hatched by the woman for whom she clearly has strong feelings; meanwhile, her betrothed, Mateo, misses the play while failing to find her, instead learning more about L’Inferne from Volo Aventine. They return in time for Volo to be accused of deserting his post! Mateo is confused, Nathalie deceitful, but L’Inferne offer to defend his honour with cold steel! In a stirring speech the vindicated Volo defends his honour and regains the respect of his Colonel before dancing the night away with the Cardinal’s niece… What a party!