Hearts of Wulin - March 2020 Playtest Materials

We recently released updated playtest materials for Hearts of Wulin to Kickstarter backers. If you have a chance to read or play them, please share your thoughts here. Cc: @edige23

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I’m excited to dive in more, but at first glance it’s really cool seeing the new playbooks or the new roles for existing playbooks that help drift the game towards different settings. A couple favorites include the Private Detective role for the Aware in 1905: San Francisco and the Cloistered One role for the Student in Coeur de l’Epee.

I’m a bit confused by the playbooks. There seem to be different moves in the single-role playbooks than in the pick-a-role playbooks. What’s the takeaway from how they’re broken out?

Will be swiftly updating my Coeur de l’Epee character keeper to take account of changes/additions in advance of planned series on the Gauntlet in April. Colour me excited!

I’ll go through and organize those playbooks into sub-folders a little better. The new single role playbooks are associated with the optional Courtly and Supernatural materials. Those have some new playbook moves which swap in for existing ones. I’ll put those in their own folders.

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