Hearts of Wulin: Numberless Secrets

Mystery 2
This is for nine sessions of Hearts of Wulin, a PbtA wuxia rpg aimed at emulating stories like The Untamed, Handsome Siblings, and Princess Agents. This game will focus on the detective wuxia sub-genre as seen in Ancient Detective, Magical Nights of the Glorious Tang, and Maiden Holmes. We will be adapting elements of Bindlewood Bay’s mechanics for the individual mysteries and the overall metastory.

Sessions run Wednesday evenings in May/June (US Eastern). In session one we will set tone and safety, make characters, create entanglements, and get playing. Rules will be taught. Attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged. One seat is being reserved. General RSVPs open 4/29.

We will use Zoom for our sessions. I’ll email all players about a week before the first session with the necessary links. Sessions will run up to three hours. We will plan to record, but I will confirm this with the players. The Gauntlet Code of Conduct will be in play and we will use Lines & Veils and the X-Card for safety tools.

If you sign up and your availability changes, please remember to drop from the site and give me a heads up.


S1 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFbMfdyIOsi1eA7GEa
S2 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFba8OXJRWFMC1AhVv
S3 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFbr7qIm5A0gdbQAm2
S4 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFc6fgPokVcGpMrBSS
S5 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFcKs6Fgh2fTcCLdcF
S6 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFcZeIqt6WB6z0_NO4
S7 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFclfRKsTHjZH6L26y
S8 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFcyz0cxYvelabDKi2
S9 https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MZFdBqJ7EdwNUIONa9L