Hearts of Wulin: The Immortal Throne

This is a run of nine sessions of Hearts of Wulin in July/August on Sunday evenings (BST). Hearts of Wulin is a game of wuxia melodrama by Lowell Francis. The game had a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, and this game will be played using the playtest rules, including some of the supplemental rules. General sign-ups will be available in 72 hours time (June 17th). We will be using a couple of supplements in conjunction with the base rules, and as such this run is probably better suited to players who have some experience with Hearts of Wulin, or at least some other PbtA games, though all are welcome. This game will be played using the Open Table policy, so there is no need to commit to the full run - though this game will be played with a dedicated Session Zero so I would not advise only signing up for the first session. Sessions will be three hours in length, and we will play using Zoom. This game will be recorded, and may be released on Youtube with the consent of all participants.

Hearts of Wulin is a game of wuxia melodrama in which you will play martial arts heroes (and possibly villains). This game will be played using elements from the the Courtly and Supernatural supplements released as part of the playtest materials. Our setting will feature more overtly supernatural elements in the style of xianxia media, with a more fantastical take on China in line with Chinese folklore and theology. Good thematic touchstones are some of the works of Jin Yong/Louis Cha or Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed. You will all play members of - or retainers to - a series of powerful clans - gifted with both martial and mystical skill as well as more temporal power. We will explore the political ambitions of the clans, the personal relationships of their members, and the world-shaking skills they can bring to bear against each other and external threats. We will develop our clans as part of our session zero.

Content Warning: As a martial arts genre game, violence will be a feature of the game, but we will avoid gratuitous gore. Due to the supernatural elements, there may also be some horror themes. Romance is also a recurring theme of the game, but again we will avoid any graphic sexual content. Please note that while the game is fantastical in nature, it is inspired by Chinese culture and sensitivity to this is required, including some elements of Chinese religion and theology. We will have a discussion on tone and content before the game begins, as well as establishing Lines & Veils to provide a comfortable play experience. This game will take place under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct and the safety tools Script Change and X-Card will be in use. I will aim to get in touch with participants through either the Gauntlet Slack or email a week in advance of the game to confirm attendance and provide play materials.

Session 1 2020-07-05T19:00:00Z → 2020-07-05T22:00:00Z
Session 2 2020-07-12T19:00:00Z → 2020-07-12T22:00:00Z
Session 3 2020-07-19T19:00:00Z → 2020-07-19T22:00:00Z
Session 4 2020-07-26T19:00:00Z → 2020-07-26T22:00:00Z
Session 5 2020-08-02T19:00:00Z → 2020-08-02T22:00:00Z
Session 6 2020-08-09T19:00:00Z → 2020-08-09T22:00:00Z
Session 7 2020-08-16T19:00:00Z → 2020-08-16T22:00:00Z
Session 8 2020-08-23T19:00:00Z → 2020-08-23T22:00:00Z
Session 9 2020-08-30T19:00:00Z → 2020-08-30T22:00:00Z

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Sounds really cool.

I’ll check if I can can join. :slightly_smiling_face: