Hearts of Wulin: Wedding of Starlight and Mirrors (One-shot 9/25)

This marriage will cement an alliance between two factions of the wuxia world, but not everyone wants that. Hearts will be broken, loves confessed, and villains confronted. Does your heart yearn for the bride? for the groom? Or is the object of your affection drawn to them? And what about the rumors of Immortal Bat and their plans to disrupt the ceremony?

This is for a one-shot of Hearts of Wulin taking place at a grand wuxia event. Hearts of Wulin is a PbtA of wuxia melodrama in the vein of The Untamed and Handsome Siblings, but no familiarity is required. Rules will be taught. In play we’ll create characters and establish entanglements in the first hour and then play for the rest of the time. An array of NPCs will be provided as lovers, rivals, friends, and foes. Two seats are being held.

This session will use layered safety tools: CATS, Lines & Veils, the X-Card, and our Open Door Policy. This session will abide by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct. If you sign up and your schedule changes, please make sure to drop from the session. I plan to record this session, but only with everyone’s approval.