HEIST: Get Rich or Die Trying (one-shot)

**For the first 48 hours this game is only open to those who have joined the Gauntlet since the most recent Open Weekend, or haven’t been able to get into a game since they joined. **
The usual priority RSVP period has been waived.

Live fast. Die young. Get paid.
Those are probably words you live by, taking dangerous jobs in the hopes of getting something sweet in the end. Maybe it’s clearing your name of the war crime you were scapegoated for. Maybe it’s to show up your oddly attractive counterpart from halfway around the globe. Maybe you just want the money. Whatever it is, you’ve pulled together a crew to get this job done.

You’re one of a team cobbled together to steal something big. You’ll all get something you want out of it in the end if you can make it out alive. Maybe even something you need. Here’s hoping you live long enough to enjoy it.

This game calls on the aesthetics and tropes inherent to heist and spy media, particularly movies. Each playbook has a touchstone character to help inform a player of the tropes it’s pulling from for play.
Ocean’s 11 et al, The Losers, Baby Driver, Cowboy Bebop

Note: this system is a playtest version

CW : Violence, Crime, Character Death (albeit cinematic and only activated by the player)
System : Forged in the Dark
Duration : A single 3 1/2 hour session
Breaks : Short breaks (5ish minutes) every hour or so
Venue : Facilitator’s Zoom
Recording : Yes, but made public only if consent by all the players
Attendence : One-Shot.
Safety : Lines & Veils, Script Change, and Open Door policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

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