Hey all! I made a fantasy Solarpunk setting called Sol using Dungeon AI! AMA

Hey, peeps!

So I was experimenting with Dungeon AI the other day and unwittingly ended up with the base material I turned into Sol - Relics Unearthed.

Ask me any questions about how I put the setting together, what you would like to see in it as I am planning to expand its content, my aesthetic or design choices and so on.

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I like the feel of solarpunk a lot, and it slots well into fantasy. Something I think you might consider in the setting, especially with the focus on relics, is how the past was overall a rather destructive one, like technology/capitalism gone amok, and how the current society is still struggling occasionally with the consequences of the past. A lot of hooks can be mined from that!

You mention that Community Trends are primarily not “species” but Constructs don’t seem to quite fit that idea. I might recommend that instead maybe that third category could be inclusive both of these constructs but also people who are interested in recycling old technology. Not necessarily trying to resurrect the old world, but use what is still good, as I think that fits the solarpunk ethos really well.

You’re spot on with that. I gotta sit down to organise what sort of generative tables I’ll create, but I feel that adventure hooks that low-key indicate how previous cvilisations caused harm and had to heal from it are just it.

I agree. I want them to feel like a community trend whose main philosophical or spiritual outlook or whatever is how they transcend “humanity” through their connection with Relics, changing their bodies partially or fully, or even getting rid of their corporeal forms. That is the idea and I am not sure how to touch down on that.


this is good and might even be a way to approach it or a new trend altogether