History of Post-Apocalyptic RPGs (Part 22: 2018)

On the Gauntlet Blog I continue my look at the History of Post-Apocalyptic RPG with 2018’s line up. Transhumanist disasters, fantasy collapses, two different cat-based apocalypses, two different ALL-CAPS titles, a metric ton of zombies, robots, children, samurai, & more.

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I had missed these historical studies: they are great! Croc’s Bitume in the 80s is a great french RPG. Do you limit the studies to US editors ?

Yes, I have Bitume on the earlier list (1986). I try to include editions from outside the US when I can find info on them. This list has Italian (Dead Air, Sine Requie Anno, Nameless Land), German (HeXXen 1733, Degenesis, TEARS), and French (Journal de l Observateur) sourcebooks and rpgs. Plus at a couple of UK publications. But it’s definitely more spotty on that side of things.

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