Hit the Streets won a BAMFSie! Award

I’m proud to announce that my game, which I playtested heavily on the Gauntlet and has been run by several other amazing Gauntlet GMs to make it the best game possible, won the Gamer’s Choice award for the BAMFsies. I know many of you voted for the game, you helped make this happen. THANK YOU!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, take heart. In celebration of the award, I’m putting the game on sale, 33% off!

Hit the Streets: Defend the Block is a complete role-playing game system for 3-6 players with a bunch of six-sided dice. It is filled with gorgeous art from Alex Prinz.

(the above is a sample player character. Chargen is quick and exciting)

Hit the Streets: Defend the Block features:

  • Game run by a Game Manager (GM)
  • Players build a pool of 6-sided dice based on their character’s stats to roll against a GM-set difficulty number
  • Quick, easy to intuit rolls resolve physical battles, emotional conflicts, player character vs. player character disputes
  • Step by step rules to build a custom map and neighborhood for your game
  • Flexible superpowers to design and define your abilities
  • Rules for teamwork and helping
  • GM resources including: set up questions for your players, finding tension for your game, advice and alternate rules for running one-shots, incorporating important themes, and managing feedback at the end of your game sessions
  • Character Sheet, Team Sheet, Map Sheet, Rivals Sheet, and a condensed Cheat Sheet of rules for easy reference while playing the game


Brilliant achievement @RichRogers … Looking for a slot in April when I can put a celebratory series on the Calendar … or May …


Hot stuff, @RichRogers! I hope you will be celebrating in proper style! Congratulations: well-earned indeed.