Hodgepocalypse - The Long Crawl Home

Finding a place to call home in a fantasy post apocalyptic world.

Hodgepocalypse (noun): A world changing phenomenon resulting from several concurrent environmental, social, economic or supra-natural disasters.

  • The time of the Revelations was such a hodgepoclypse that we still don’t know everything that happened.

Hodged (adjective): To be cut off from all existing lines of support and be adrift in the wasteland. See also: Drifter, Waster, Sandtrash, Deader.

  • If Master Lewis hates you, she’ll put a blade in your back. If she really hates you, she’ll set you up to be hodged.

CW : Future apocalypse, xenophobia.

Please join me for a one shot in the 5th edition conversion game Hodgepocalypse. Knowledge of 5th edition D&D or other D20 systems would be an asset but is not necessary. Pre-made characters will be provided.

You are a group of wanderers in what was once the east cost of North America. You’ve survived by banding together, finding and taking what you can, and by occasionally doing the dirty work of the ones who cast you out. Today is your chance to carve out your own place to call home in the post apocalypse; a small mining town needs your help to clear out a section of ruins nearby.

Succeed and you’ll be given basic citizenship and a place to call your own.
Fail, and you’ll be another set of skeletons in the mud and concrete.

Calendar Link: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MNPZ-XkZsOC14mNeW8e