House Hunting (PBTA)

House Hunting (PBTA)

Player decides how many rooms they need for :

  • Bed rooms >3 =-1 to Finding.
  • Entertainment (lounge, rumpus, gaming) >2 =-1 to Decorating.
  • Function (WC, Bathroom, Kitchen) >3 =-1 to Renovating.

Location (Modifiers to core rolls)
In the Country : +1 to Finding roll, -1 to Renovation.
Suburbs : Standard, as is.
Downtown : -1 to Finding roll, +1 to Decorating.

Finding the home 2d8.
15+ = You find a house with the right amount of rooms, +1 to Renovating roll.
12-14 = You find a house with 1 less room that you need.
7-11 = You find a house with 2 less rooms.
-1 Renovating roll if you still want the rooms.
4-6 = Place is old and needs repairs. -1 to Renovating roll.
3- = Your bank account was hacked and your car stolen.
You now share a room with a friend who smells of socks.

Renovating the home 2d8
15+ = You renovate all the rooms just the way you want them.
12-14 = You renovate all the rooms but are delayed by supplies for 1 month.
7-11 = You renovate all but 2 of the rooms.
-1 to Decorating roll if you still renovate all of them.
4-6 = You renovate half the rooms but are delayed by supplies for 2 months.
3- = You renovate one room. It looks just dandy.

Decorating the home 2d8
15+ = Every room is a master piece of style and decor.
12-14 = The house rooms are nice, but the yard is ecclectic.
7-11 = Half the rooms are nice, half the rooms are not bad.
4-6 = Raccoons on pixie dust decorated, it certainly is colorful. Everywhere.
3- = Everything is a mess. You now share your home with a cousin who talks like The Nanny.



I lived in this place when I was a teenager! A perfect description.

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Why 2d8? 2d6 is the “norm” particularly when your rolling two dice.

hundreds of games out there that use a variety of dice

if you want to change it to use 2d6 then tiers are 12+, 10-11, 7-9, 4-6, 3- then go for it.

I would love a game (PbtA or otherwise) inspired by all those HGTV house hunting/remodeling shows. Maybe less so by the actual experience of house hunting, but that could just be me being bitter about having to move into a smaller place this month because the old landlord jacked up the rent :slight_smile:


One Shot made a satirical game called Millennial Apartment Hunters about being forced into getting terrible housing on an HGTV show. It’s certainly not a serious take, but it is great for a parody game.