How do I RSVP to a game?

I see the message “subscribe to RSVP” on Gauntlet games but have no idea what I’m supposed to subscribe to. I’m new here. Thanks.

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Hi @Eric_Wirsing.

When we advertise games in the Gauntlet Hangouts channel there’s a set of links to the Gauntlet games calendar included. Follow those links to the page devoted to each session and you’ll find an RSVP button that you use to indicate you want to play.

If you subscribe to the Gauntlet Patreon at a level to get priority access, then that’s it - job done … unless the game is full, in which you’ll see a Waitlist opportunity.

If you don’t subscribe, then the session listing should come with an ‘open access date’, when anyone can RSVP (or Waitlist).

Hope that’s helpful.


Then there’s Gauntlet Community Open Gaming …

This is our seasonal open gaming weekend where everyone has access as long as they register with us to be able to RSVP … and there are still some seats available for this coming weekend of 16 - 19 July. Hope to see you there.


One extra note, I find the reservation piece of the reservation site does not work when I use Chrome. So, if you don’t even have the ability to log in on the site, try a different browser

True … You may have to say yes to the RSVP site pop-up.

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Cool. Thanks so much, everyone!