How does one get involved in playing games?

On this page:

It says:

So I:

  1. go to the RSVP Site
  2. click Login up top
  3. select my google account
  4. Login window closes but I am not logged in
  5. click Login up top, again
  6. Login window pops up, quick loading animation, and it closes again

Alright, so I click About, at the top:

and it says:

This seems to suggest, since Patreon = priority, there is a non-Patreon (non-priority) way to engage as well, but I’m still not seeing how to proceed.

There is a button that says:

which takes you back to:

How can I get into the system for playing games? I’d love to join some time. :slight_smile:



Also FYI this page:


which contradicts this page:

which says:


Seems like a technical issue on th calendar site. @edige23 Any suggestions?


I’ll work through that this week-- we had a meeting Saturday talking about ways to get this info clarified and consistent.

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In regards to the sign-in issue— we’ve found that clearing your cache and cookies in the browser usually resolves sign-in and sign-up issues. If it doesn’t, tell me (along with system and browser info) and I’ll look at what the next steps are to resolve that.


I’ll give it some troubleshooting (try clearing cache, try another browser, etc).

In case it is relevant, I am logging in using my google account, not via a login/password combo

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I find that Chrome does not allow me access to sign in to RSVP while any other browser does. Ironic, of course, because we need Gmail accounts to login to the forums. Then, it works just fine.

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In the past most Chrome issues have been resolved by clearing the cache and/or cookies. Anecdotally I have heard of a couple of users who had issues when combined with certain Ad Blockers or Proxies, but its been a while since that’s popped up so I don’t know the details.


That tracks. Thanks!

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Thanks for posting the details, @dontnormally. I’d encountered the same obstacle and figured I’d come back every month or so to see if it resolved. Clearing all the browser caches did it :white_check_mark:.