How to find playtesters

My game is rapidly approaching a state that I feel comfortable setting it free on the world (if I’m being honest, it’s probably already there). Currently I am running playtests through my own personal group, but like everyone, their time is limited and we’re also juggling multiple different games. I have done a lot of reading on how to playtest and associated advice, but I’m always coming up short on one question; where do you find people to playtest? I’ve found numerous playtest forums, but a lot of them seem more boardgame focused or require significant time investment (you have to run the playtests yourself, provide a fully created adventure module, or playtest other games to get playtest “credits”) where I’m primarily looking for blind playtests to evaluate readability and clarity of the rules.

One other snafu, the game(s) I am working on are going to be primarily card based, so I am concerned about ease of implementation for online play, which would severely limit possible exposure.

I’ve seen people post playtest versions of games on DriveThru, and I’ve also toyed with the idea of running a Kickstarter and thus providing the beta version of the game to backers, but I’m not sure I have the free time to run marketing for something like that. Cons are also an option, although the current year is shot for me as I don’t have much PTO or funds to travel like that. Is it ok for me to post playtest material here? Any other advice would be very much appreciated.


If you are on the Gauntlet Slack channel, there is a #need_players channel that had been used for that in the past. I don’t believe there is such a channel here yet.

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The best way I’ve found to find playtesters is to enthusiastically playtest other people’s games with no expectation of reciprocity.


Oh, and how silly to forget: Metatopia is a con of playtesting. Yes, I know you can’t make it this year, but it’s worth considering for next year.


In regards to the card thing. I’m not sure how easy it is to set up custom stuff, but there’s some good board game focused virtual tabletops, I’ve played card games on OCTGN ages ago, and I guess tabletop simulator is a thing. It’d probably be some work to set up a module or kit or whatever it’s called with all your cards built in or whatever but at that point it seems easy for your playtesters to just hop on whatever platform and download that and use your custom decks/cards whatever to play.