How to handle PC refusing another PC "Persuasion" move?

I recently run Sprawl and its persuasion moves goes like this

PCs choose whether to do it or not. If they do, they mark experience. If they don’t, they must act under pressure to go against your stated wishes.

Such design was present in AW 1ed and it still is some games from 1st and 2nd generation of PbtA.
I find it extremely hard to handle what to do when they refuse and have to ‘act under fire/pressure’.
How to phrase that inner conflict? What is at stake here?
Clearly 10+ is you refuse no problem, but what happens at 7-9 and 6-?


This is another ‘it depends on the fiction’ thing, I think.

It doesn’t need to be ‘inner conflict’, it’s totally fine to have other people in the scene be all “not cool, dude” or “Hahaha you should have went with your buddy’s plan, chump!”