How to play Dungeon World?

I put a how to play guide together for newer players of Dungeon World. Apologies for any mistakes, I am not a natural solo-DM-player combo and missed having some players to bounce the fiction about. However the focus was the combat and basic moves, so I have hopefully covered those OK. Feedback welcome.

How to play youtube.![hofwtoplay|690x385]

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Overall it’s a solid introduction.

You covered a good range of events in a typical dungeon bash, and showing the minatures was a good call to help those who are not used to theatre of the mind keep track of what was going on.

Only area of ‘needs improvement’ is some of it was a bit monotone, you may want to work on showing more emotional emphasis from time to time for future videos.

I will plug this vid on twitter.


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I am a bit monotone and always have been. I certainly think it’s something I can work on though, I know I have some energy in me for more stimulating presentation of information. I will give that some attention on the next video.

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