How to use Risk Sheet for online game of Psi*Run

Hello! I’m looking for technical help. I am prepping for an online game of PsiRun via Gauntlet Hangouts. The main mechanic in PsiRun is the distribution of 6-sided dice onto different categories (e.g., Goal, Harm) on a Risk Sheet. In the physical world, this would be accomplished by literally placing the dice onto a printed copy of the Risk Sheet. I was hoping to simulate this experience online, but I can’t figure out how to do it!

Here’s what I’ve tried so far: I snipped an image of the Risk Sheet and used to create a URL for that image. I then tried to add this image on rollforyourparty via the “Set Background” and “Add Image” functions, but neither method worked.

I know you can drag your rolled dice around on rollforyourparty. If I could just add the Risk Sheet as a background, I think I could accomplish my goal!

Any ideas on how to solve this problem on rollforyourparty or some other platform?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

You don’t really need to literally move dice and place them on the Risk Sheet… any method of marking will do.

I find a shared Google sheet works well. You can use something like rollforyourparty to roll the dice in public, and then type the values into the sheet. Or a Google Drawing (if you want to drag shapes and drop them on a Sheet!).

You could also use Roll20, which will let you upload a background and drag dice onto it.


Could you use labels - which can be moved around the RfYP window - to represent parts of the Risk sheet and then just move dice adjacent to the relevant label as necessary?


Oh! I hadn’t thought of using labels! That just might be the best solution – given my rather limited technical abilities. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks, @Alun_R!

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I usw this:

You can have a background image embeded in RFYP.
Works like a charm.

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You can also check out the condensed Charakter keeper i created for the play aids:

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Don’t use it as a background image in Roll For Your Party: it will stretch and resize based on window size. Create a new room. Add an image. Move the image down a bit below where the dice will appear. Then go ahead and roll as normal. Then you can move the dice into the spaces in the image and it will look the same for everyone.

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Google Hangouts has a built in dice roll command. /roll
/roll 2d6 for example.

Other iterations include:

/roll 4d6##
This rolls four 6-sided dice.

/roll 4d6+1##
This rolls four 6-sided dice and adds 1 to the total.

/roll 4d6d1##
This rolls four 6-sided dice and drops the lowest 1 roll.

/roll 4d6k1##
This rolls four 6-sided dice and keeps the highest 1 roll.

/roll 4d6r1##
This rolls four 6-sided dice and rerolls all 1’s.

/roll 4d6c4
This rolls four 6-sided dice and compares the results with whether they are equal to 4. It returns a pass count (number of rolls which are true for the equality).

/roll 4d6c4f##
This rolls four 6-sided dice and compares the results with whether they are equal to 4. Then it takes the number of passes and subtracts the number of fails (not equal to 4). It returns the total (can produce negative results).

/roll 4d6c4f3##
This rolls four 6-sided dice and compares the results with whether they are equal to 4 (pass) or equal to 3 (fail). It then takes the total passes and subtracts the total failures. Then it returns the value (can produce negative numbers).

/roll 4d6c<4##
This counts all of the successes as everything less than or equal to 4.

/roll 10d6s##
This will roll ten 6-sided dice and sort the results.

/roll 10d8!
I am still trying to figure out exactly what the ‘!’ does. It seems to just add 1 roll. So, for instance, this particular one just rolls 11d8 instead of 10d8.

Putting it all together:##

/roll 10d8r1r2d2c6f8s
This will roll ten 8-sided dice re-rolling all 1’s and 2’s dropping the lowest 2 remaining rolls and counting all 6’s as success (+1) and all 8’s as failures (-1) returning the total and the list of dice results sorted.

I’m not sure why the ## is there. It works without it. I assume some sort of command code, end of, thing.

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I’ve used labels in rollforyourparty, and they work great… with a major caveat! The players have to remember to never hit the “clear the board” button (or whatever it is called). Mine never managed to remember that… not consistently, anyway. It’s not a huge deal, but it is annoying to have to reset all the labels each time someone forgets and hits that button.

Oh, that’s an important caveat, @Paul_T! Thanks for pointing that out!

I would love to set the Risk Sheet as an image on rfyp, but that function requires that you enter a URL. I have the Risk Sheet as a PDF. I tried to create a URL for the PDF of the Risk Sheet via but it didn’t work. Do you know another method, @shanel? If I’m not making any sense, feel free to ignore this. I can just make do with the labels, I think. :slight_smile:

Open the pdf on your computer. Zoom out in the pdf reader enough such that the risk sheet would fit well in the space provided on rfyp (ideally open say on a laptop) then use your computers screenshot functionality - specifically the one that lets you make a rectangle around what you want to capture. (In this case only the risk sheet.) Upload that to imgur. Open The link that creates, click on the image. Then right click on the image to open the image in a new tab. That URL that gets opened should have .jpg at the end. That’s the URL to put into the dialog box on rfyp.

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Holy crap! It worked! And it looks awesome! Thank you so much for walking me through that, @shanel!

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Oh, man! I finally had a chance to check out your Google sheet. It’s so much better than the one I made! I especially love your “the route” tab. I’m at least stealing that. Thanks so much for sharing!!!