I <3 Gauntlet forums


This is such a great site already. I love what you’re doing with permission levels, your guidance on how to be a great participant, and your choice of software.

I don’t have any major negative feedback right now, I just wanted to say well done.


I want to echo this! And I can just jump between tabs in the Hangouts section, that’s a huge relief!


I see the site got a favicon and it is very good! (the little icon next to the url)


I finally got around to making use of the logo @gerrit made!


I’m so happy with the kind of discussions we have here. They fill exactly the hole I was feeling on Twitter and coexist nicely with Twitter and the Gauntlet Slack.


I agree - I don’t think I’d realised how much I was missing forums. The ability to have long form discussions with threads feels like such a tiny, retro thing and yet you really can’t beat it.


I – like many here, I’m sure – came up on forums and lucked out that I was a part of some really great ones, and while G+ was great for what it was (and I won’t pretend this is a replacement for that) and reddit is … you know, fine, I guess, this really is my preferred mode of communication online and I’m so glad to have this place.

(I know lots of people love Slack and Discord but I just don’t have the cognitive load for those places …)


I always enjoy the forums experience, possibly because I come from the 56k days of the internet. It feels almost like passing notes or letters back and forth, a kind of relaxed laid back exchange of ideas as opposed to the rapid-fire pace of modern social media. I can leave, come back a few days later and slowly catch up, and still feel like a contributor.

I hope everyone who comes to these forums also will feel at home, comfortable, and most of all, feel like they can express ideas at their own pace. I look forward to the conversations and ideas we will all generate together.