I just got a $8 Patreon slot. What now?

Basically, $subject. Where do I go from here?

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Check in with @jasoncordova if you don’t have Slack access and/or RSVP priority. At least the RSVP priority has to be manually switched (and I can’t remember about Slack). Otherwise…keep your eye on the calendar!
Once you’re in the Slack, turn notifications on #g_hangouts (but don’t post in the channel unless you’re listing a game or replying in thread to something) and # need_players — those are the quickest ways to see games. I would also suggest getting the Discourse app if you’re into notifications and turning them on for #gauntlet-hangouts here.

For games, #g_hangouts on Slack and #gauntlet-hangouts here in the forums are the listings for all Hangouts games (they’re the same across Slack and the forums, but Slack has better notifications) and # need_players is all pick up games and playtesting.

Hi Jason. If you go to the posts section of our page you can scroll down a bit to find a message to $8 Patrons with all the instructions you need.

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