I made a chef based class for Dungeon World and would love some feedback

The Gourmand

I’m going for a mix between Tonio Trendy from JoJo part 4 and Quina from Final Fantasy 9. Also, I tried to make the Gourmand’s moves kind of a quest of their own, with them always looking for superior monster meat or greater stranger Gourmands to learn from.

Anyway, hope you like it.


I can’t look at this right now because work has blocked Google Drive (grrr) but I’m surprised to report that this isn’t the first “cook” playbook I’ve seen for Dungeon World, since there’s also this one here:


It’s funny, one of the reasons I made the gourmand was because I couldn’t find a cook class. So thanks. Also, it’s pretty different from mine but I wish I had thought of that last meal with death. That’s pretty inspired.


I’ve actually been half working on a DW setting that’s all about cooking and seeking new ingredients. I’ll toss my notes up when I get home, but it’s a mix of iron chef and dungeon meshi and meant to be lighthearted and ending with a good meal.

Last time my antagonists were Simone Bellemonte & Vlad the SteakSkewer who were using the PCs as pawns in an effort to make the ultimate tapas platter

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There is a funny series on YouTube about an adventure like this for D&D

I really enjoy the use of different cuisines! They get me thinking about how they’d play out and be described at the table immediately.

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I tried to read it but had to nope out at the cannibalism. That’s a thing that gets X-Carded pretty regularly, and I can’t help but think there’s a less obvious and more intriguing choice there, like perhaps stealing recipes and passing them off as yours.

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