I made a thing for BlackHack: Sidereal Satraps

I made a thing for BlackHack, recently purchased. Love this game. I like a gonzo-ish (not silly, but weird and unexpected) setting similar to Ultra Violet Grasslands. However I also really like mega-cities with mega-dungeons beneath them. I also always liked the weird elf rules from OD&D.


I am working on Narhs - the City of Chromatic Towers - the Metropolis Nation of the Indomitable Suzerain

I get tired of Tollkeinesque fantasy and leveraging quite a lot of UVGish type stuff in this city.

I have always had some version of star-elves in my games (usually either in parallel or in addition to regular elves). These star elves came recently - at least in their timeframe. DM and players to figure out. Whether there are other elves or not or these are related to the mythical elves, is up to the group to decide. But if players want to be an elf, this is the only one for starting.

The Thrall table replaces either the Warrior’s War Trophy or Familiar.

May you be at peace,