I suggest a change to the Gauntlet Calendar time display format

It seems that I missed my first game on the Gauntlet Calendar because of a stupid mistake: the game was announced in the Calendar as “Tuesday, March 22nd 2022, 12:00 am”
To frenchie me, this was obviously on tuesday, march the 22nd, one hour after 11:00 am. I still wonder why it’s not. Right now I’m angry at the persons who thought that error (I can’t think of it any other way) needed to exist, because I both missed a much waited game and was rude to my partners by not showing up.

I strongly suggest changing the time display format on the Calendar.

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Sorry you missed your game! That sucks. If I understand you correctly, you would like it to say Tuesday March 22nd, 0:00 when it is being held at the earliest possible time on Tuesday. Right?

0:00 is a good solution.

Precisely, I want something that is neither 12:00 am nor 12:00 pm to avoid confusion. Any solution (12 noon / 12 midnite, 24h format, etc.) suits me and I’m thankful that you look into it at all.

I feel you on the 12 am/pm thing and it sucks that it also would have been your first game. I posted your question on the Slack as well, maybe someone can fix this.

Really sorry this happened Nicolas. I will catch up with you in the future!

The whole date should be shown based on the user’s locale, but perhaps DeReel is using a browser with American English as default language (I do, because I need sometimes to follow tutorials in English).

There may be the option of a 24h format default.

Thank you all for your empathy. I have digested my anger and my pain is past. The rest of the virtual table reached resignation too. I’m happy to enjoy luxury problems in a caring community.

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