I would like to keep categories to a minimum


I want to keep discussion focused. If we see lots of discussion around something regularly and it looks like it would make a good category then we can look into that. But atm I think less is more.

I specifically also want to nudge people to thread all the discussion about posted Hangouts games.


I will also note: there is sub-category functionality as well.


How do you make subcategories? And which ones are you thinking of making?


You make subcategories the same way you make categories, you can just organize them under other ones. Right now the only thing I might suggest for subcategories would be splitting up stuff in the Content category (ie Codex, Podcast, etc.)

I figure after a few months we can review tags and see if heavy usage of any in particular nudges us to new (sub) categories.


I was wondering if we might end up with subcategories under RPG chat for DW, AW, Monsterhearts, etc.


Totally possible, but I want that to happen organically and be data-driven. I am a big believer in YAGNI.