[ICRPG] more encounter archetypes

I’ve been reading the ICRPG by Hankerin Ferinale and found his idea of Encounter Archetypes as an amazing tool to train new GMs on how to come up and handling challenges. However I find the actual list of encounter archetypes in the book somewhat limited and so far I haven’t been able to find more, either made by him or homebrews (but it makes sense, once you get the idea you probably won’t have too much use for it, so most of the resources I found around are playable complete dungeons intead.)

So I started to make my own! But my focus is into explaining GMs the procedures of creating and handle each archetype in terms of what the scene framing should focus on in each case, how could the GM react to the different ways the players would explore/probe it and finally what rolls could she ask the players to make if it comes to that. I’d like to make a more comprehensive archetype list, one that includes social encounters as well.

I’m still editing the text in spanish in order to keep it clear and short, but eventually I’ll upload it in english on my blog. I’ll try to put them here too one by one when I’m happy enough with the result in spanish, as a sort of dev log. Feedback and ideas are welcome!

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