Impulse Drive - Query

from Slack, Beekzor asked - I’ve just started a read through of Impulse Drive. I’m loving the idea of the approach system. Those with play experience, are the modifiers enough to be meaningful or maybe too meaningful in play?

@madadric you there? :slight_smile:

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Oh I love this question! When I first got into designing for PBTA, being a math scrub I spend a few hours on anydice figuring out the spread for modifiers on 2d6+stat, with advantage & disadvantage.

A few interesting observations:

-The median modifier is +1, not 0 as our instincts suggest. At +1, a miss & a full hit are equally as likely.

-limiting modifiers to a max of +3, a miss is still always possible, if only a 2.66% chance.

-advantage & disadvantage still keep all results possible. Even if it’s a mere 1.85% chance at the extremes of +3 or -3 modifiers.

I like the impact these ranges of modifiers have when combined with advantage, & the disadvantage granted with hooks. Is it too much or not enough? That’s for each individual group to find for themselves, & I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on this.