Impulse Drive - The Expanse

You’ll play a crew of misfits and scoundrels living a life of danger and adventure as you explore a solar system loosely based on the Expanse books and TV series (by S. A Corey). You’ll try to make your ship a home in a solar system dominated by the complex politics of Earth, Mars and the Belt. You may fight dangerous organizations, investigate unnerving mysteries, or look for (and find) trouble. While Impulse Drive includes rules for mysticism and ‘The Dark’ these will not be present at the start of the series but may appear of the protomolecule impacts on the narrative.

Four sessions on Sundays in October at 2pm (GMT+1), loosely built out from the Expanse books and TV series.
Sunday 4 Oct:
Sunday 11 Oct:
Sunday 18 Oct:
Sunday 25 Oct:

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