In These Times: Changes to Gauntlet Calendar

We’ve seen lots of people’s schedules thrown into turmoil right now. To make things a easier, we’re making two temporary changes to The Gauntlet Calendar for posting events and sign ups.

  1. GMs may post events as little as one week out.
  2. The RSVP Priority window should be set to 72 hours (three days). If you have events posted right now, you can make this change to them.

This will last until things change for the better (as we hope they will). If you see folks online looking for a space to play, point them to the Patreon (right now $10 is a decent price for the potential entertainment), to the Gauntlet Gameway program (, and to the fact that anyone can sign up for our events when they come out of that priority window (and lots of folks move from the waitlist to the events). If you’ve been thinking of running and have already played with us, reach out to me and I’ll get you set up as an event creator.

We’ll start a forum thread of these resources, but here’s a link to my Twitter thread for people moving to play online: