Inclusive OSR symbol

Has anyone seen an inclisive OSR syymbol or logo? Is anyone working on one? I have seen cool OSR logos online, on t-thirts and patches. Thjnk it would be cool if one indicated inclusivity.

Isn’t this what Sword Dreams is all about?


Didn’t S. Robinson do up his logo in a rainbow flag version? I know he took his logo out of circulation due to OSR reactionaries, but that’s the one I can think of.


Exactly - just run into SWORD DREAM writeup just today.

I mean, no-hate, all DIY gaming is my flavor of gaming! I just want it to stay that way… and it might not.

Did not know that was a thing actually. I joined sword dream on MeWe but thought it was a one off. Good to know. Thank you!

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Brendan made a while ago for Gay Pride Month. Or maybe just because.

Stuart’s logo is the popular OSR as a dungeon map logo people are likely familiar with. He made another one with rainbow colours. He got sick of the scene and asked people to stop using his logo, though. But I suspect people using the rainbow logo is something he is cooler with.