Indie Games Explosion at DEXCON 22 (2019-07-03 - 2019-07-07)

(on behalf of @Michael_Miller)

The Indie Games eXplosion schedule for DEXCON 22 (July 3–July 7, 2019 in Morristown, NJ) is now available: We are still looking for GMs to offer games, get a free badge, and have a great time. Deadline for events is June 10 (this coming Monday).

Thanks. Hope to see you at the con!

This will be my (@shanel) fourth Dexcon and, although it’s not Dreamation, every year it’s been more indie game infused than the year before. A ton of that is because of the work the Millers do with IGX and their Sparks program (games on demand).

If you are local I totally recommend coming out. Plenty of Gauntleteers will be in attendance and running games.