Intergalactic Memorial Carnival

Hi all! I’m running a game jam on this month in conjunction with the Intergalactic Memorial Carnival held for the late David Graeber worldwide on October 11. Graeber was an influential anthropologist, anarchist, and activist, known for his involvement in the Occupy movement and his writings on labour, value, and society. He passed away at the beginning of September.

Graeber saw a relationship between the hopefulness and possibility of insurrection and the fun of games, play, and humour. So I thought a game jam would be appropriate! The theme is “live as if you were already free” and in addition to games, I’m looking for manifestos, zines, poetry, dreams, rituals, recipes, how-tos, and more engaging with David Graeber’s work or his school of thought more broadly. The jam is committed to creating kind spaces, operating on the principles of care, cooperation, and consent. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, click on through! The jam can be found here:

The table culture of the Gauntlet community has been very formative for me as I’ve stepped into the game design world, so I thought this would be a good fit to share. I sense a strong affinity between this community’s ethos of play and Graeber’s understanding of social organization. I’d love to see some creative folx realize that connection! I hope you’ll join me.