Invincible Sword Princess

A game of postcolonial revenge by Kazumi Chin.

Special request: I’m reserving a place in this game for someone new to the Gauntlet, so if you’ve played less than three games here, please DM me to express interest. If this held spot isn’t filled by a week before the game, I’ll add someone from the wait list.

Content note: This game includes themes around colonialism, colonial violence and resistance. Per the rules, explicitly, “You may not play a colonizer in this game”.

Description: In Invincible Sword Princess , you play sword-wielding sisters journeying across the Hallows, seeking out your mother’s killers. Using a rules-lite PBTA system, you’ll create characters by defining your sword’s super powers, your relationship with your sisters, and assigning points to your three stats: Invincible, Sword and Princess.

"Four years ago, at your mother’s funeral, you and your sisters made a pact. Together, you’d find her killers—and they would be met with justice.”

Safety tools: This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct ( and use safety tools including the X Card, Lines and Veils, and the Open Door. We will also take time to talk about the principles Chin lays out in the game for playing safely with those whose people may have endured or currently be enduring colonial occupation and settler colonialism.

RSVP open access time: 6pm 9 December AEDT.
Set up info: Sessions will be over StreamYard, using Roll With Me for dice. Being able to attend each session of this three-shot is ideal but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend. I’ll send a reminder email with more details a week before the game.
Breaks: Ten minute breaks on the hour.
Recorded: With player consent only.
Prior experience: You don’t need to be familiar with the rules, which will be taught in play.

Session one:
Session two:
Session three:


Bumping this because I still have a spot saved in this game for a player new to the Gauntlet. If that’s you and you’d like to play please shoot me a DM or reply here!