Ironsworn + Delve - Co-op Play - Tuesdays (ET) in June

It’s time for some Dark Fantasy Dungeon Crawl!

From the introduction:

In the Ironsworn tabletop RPG, you are a hero sworn to complete perilous quests in the Ironlands, a dark fantasy setting. You will create your character, make some decisions about the world you inhabit, set your story in motion, and play to see what happens. When you encounter something dangerous or uncertain, your choices and the dice determine the outcome.

Delve Expansion
From the description:

Ancient ruins. Deep caverns. Mysterious woods. Dreadful swamps. The Ironlands are riddled with untamed reaches and dark depths—where only the reckless or resolute venture.
In Ironsworn: Delve, these locations are called sites . They are the most perilous places in the Ironlands, home to ancient secrets and cunning denizens. Most stay well clear of them, but you are different. Using the guidance and tools in this rulebook, you’ll brave these sites in pursuit of your sworn vows.

About Cooperative Mode
We’ll be playing in co-op mode (GM-less/GM-ful) and making use of the Oracle tables. According to the rulebook, Co-Op mode is…

You and one or more friends play together to overcome challenges and complete quests as your characters. A GM is not required. The Ironsworn game system will help you resolve challenges and decide what happens next.


  • System: Ironsworn + Delve Expansion
  • The Pitch: You are a hero sworn to complete perilous quests in the Ironlands
  • Schedule: Five Tuesdays in June x 3-hours/session
  • Breaks: Two 10-minute breaks
  • Venue: Dan’s Zoom
  • Recording Session: With consent from all players
  • Posting Recording: With consent from all players
  • Attendance: Joining all four sessions is ideal but not required
  • Safety: Lines & Veils, X-Card, Open Table, and any others suggested by the players

This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct

Session 1:
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Session 4:
Session 5: