Is anybody going to be at UK Games Expo?


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I wonder if there is anyone UK based here who is planning to be at the UK Games Expo at the start of June? I’ve never been before, but I’m considering it, and it would be nice to say ‘hi’ in person if anyone here is going to be there.



I’m considering it but would be a last minute, 1 day trip for me if I do go. While I’d like to do the full weekend at some point I think I need to go just for a day first to see how well I deal with the crowds.


I’ll be working a stall at UK Games Expo this year so come and say hi!


I’ll see if I can get up on the Saturday!


I’ll be attending the Expo and taking part in the Who Dares Rolls live show. We’ll be doing a quiz, although I’m not sure what the format is this year.


I’ll be working a stall, along with my wife and any helpers we can muster. Might get a chance to spend some time walking the floor this year, if I can wing the cover. It’s definitely worth the visit if you can make it.


@Alex I know that Epistolary Richard is doing a UK Indie Game designers meet up on the Friday night I think. I don’t think he is on the slack but I can put you in touch with him if that helps?


I will also be there for part of the time, on the UK Indie League stand, and perhaps wandering wild-eyed in between shifts.


I had considered volunteering to run some games, until I realised it’s the weekend after I get back from a trip to Japan, so I think I’ll be giving it a miss this year :sweat_smile:


I’m not on ‘the slack’ either, but if I could get up there it would be nice to meet… although I’m working in London on the Friday, so probably couldn’t make that.


Sorry @Alex - when I said ‘the slack’ I meant ‘this forum’.


I’m interested in heading over (from Ireland).
I nearly made it last year. I have a feeling that there are various things that clash with it.


What’s on your stall, Paul?


On my wife’s side there’ll be All Rolled Up dice rolls, folding dice trays and varied tabletop gaming accessories, including a bunch of new licensed designs, like RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu. On my (much smaller) end of the stall there’ll be a range of books and boxed sets for The Cthulhu Hack, including a couple of new releases.


Sounds great, I hope it goes well!


I’l be there on Saturday. I have no plans about what I’m going to do the whole day, so I’ll be more than happy to meet.


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Hi yes, I’m organising an rpg designers meetup at Expo (hopefully on the Friday starting at 7pm). Anyone rpg designers who want more info please drop me a msg with your email and I’ll keep you in the loop as details firm up.